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JAMIA ASHRAFIA, Lahore a premier seat of Islamic learning was founded by an extremely pious dignitary Maulana Mufti Muhammad Hassan (RA) in September 1947, soon after the creation of Pakistan; and since then it has been serving the cause of Islamic education with missionary spirit to inculcate the humanitarian values among its pupils & associates as ordained by Allah – the Solo Creator of the Universe. Thousands of scholars have since graduated from this JAMIA, and are busy spreading the beacon of Islamic light to people all over the world. In recognition of the high standard of education at the JAMIA, the Pakistan University Grants Commission (now named HIGHER EDUCATION COMMISSION of Pakistan) has recognized its final degree equivalent to MA Islamiyat & MA Arabic. Since Islam provides a comprehensive code of life for all human beings and declares education compulsory for all men & women, this JAMIA caters for the Islamic Education of women as well. There are more than 3500 male & 1000 female pupils on its rolls at Lahore – with main campus for men at Ferozepur Road and the Ladies campus Madrasatul Faisal Lil Banaat at Model Town, Lahore.

There are 11 other branches of the JAMIA at Lahore. The Old Campus at Nila Gumbad Anarkali, Lahore.
  • Madrisa Faisal Lil Banat at Model Town Lahore.
  • Madrasa Ashrafia for Ladies in Garden Town, Lahore.
  • Al-Quba Lil Masakeen at Johar Town, Lahore.
  • Iqra Badrul-Itfal – for children, at Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore.
  • Madrasa Hassan at Bedian Road, Lahore.
  • Madrasa Baitul Qur’an at Saman Abad, Lahore.
  • Madrasa-tul-Hassan at G.T. Road, Lahore.
  • Madrasa Sadiq at Raiwind, Lahore.
  • Jamia Masjid Zubair in Gulshn-e-Ravi, Lahore,
  • Madrasa Faisal Lil Banat – for girls, at Hassan Abdal, Rawalpindi.

In addition to the normal extensive course of studies, this JAMIA has also initiated an abridged course of only four years for the graduates of other national Universities. This abridged intensive course has earned a very popular response from the public at large, and shall certainly go a long way to gulf the gap between the secular & Islamic streams of education.

Here it also needs being pointed out, for information of the distinguished audience, that this JAMIA doesn’t only cater for the teaching of pure Islamic subjects like the Holy Qur’an & Ahadith etc but it has also included the study of English, Mathematics, Science & Social Studies as part of it’s curriculum. In appreciation of the utility of Information Technology a Computer Center, named UMMUL QURA INSTITUTE was inaugurated in November 1998 by the-then President of Pakistan, as a post-graduate Faculty of this University. The Aims & Objectives of the Institute are: -

  • Utilization of modern Information Technology (i.e. computer, Internet etc.) for effective communication of the Islamic message to mankind all over the world.
  • To plan a strategy to counter & refute the anti-Islamic campaigns.
  • To teach English as an international Language to Ulama in order to equip them with faculty of direct study & response to the modern approach towards life & religion.
  • Fundamental courses of Computers inclusive of Urdu/Arabic In-Page, Internet, E-mail, Web Page and study of Islamic & Anti Islamic Web Sites.
  • Critical study of the available CDs on Qur’an, Ahadith & Islamic knowledge; and preparation of new CDs with authenticated material from acknowledged resources.
  • Prompt remittance of replies of queries/references on Islamic faith & jurisprudence to people from all over the world by e-mail.
  • Establishment of Islamic teaching Institutions in countries abroad, and their supervision & guidance through e-mail.
  • Constitution of an INTERNATIONAL ADVISORY BOARD comprising of Muslim representatives of scholastic ability from various countries of the world.

Having said all that about the academic activities of the JAMIA, it is submitted that all these gigantic projects, inclusive of construction of buildings, complete Board & Lodge, Tuition fee & Health care facilities are all being provided solely through voluntary contributions of the Muslim philanthropists & industrialists to earn the good-will of Allah. The main campus of the JAMIA is spread over 120 Kanals, and comprises a beautiful Mosque, an Academic-cum-Administrative Block, two huge Boarding Houses, Staff residences and a Hospital attended by the top medical specialists for free health care of the staff & students of the JAMIA and the people of the localities around.

Jamia Ashrafia

  • Jamia Ashrafia (جامعہ اشرفیہ, Ashrafia Islamic University), Lahore, Pakistan, is a religious educational institution founded by Mufti Muhammad Hasan in 1947. The university has produced scholars of the Deobandi school and Deobandi scholars have served the university as teachers.
  • Developed By: COMSATS University


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