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Software development, experience in analysis, design, development and deployment of applications using .Net technologies and Android Apps. Research Experience of NLP and its implementation on Quran Text. Algorithm base systems for teaching and evaluating Arabic Conjugation systems. Information Retrieval project for Hadith Ravi chain detection for Sahih al Bukhari.


Here is the list of Projects which I have completed during my educational and professional career.

Natural Language Processing techniques applied on Quran Text - Natural Language Processing techniques applied on Quran Text. Text segmentation and Morphology based marking,Part-of-Speech Tagging and generation of dataset of Quran text division of 23 attributes per word more than 80,000 words marked. Attributes marked in three languages Arabic, English and Urdu total marked attributes more than 5.4 million.
Morphology based Quran dictionary. - Algorithm base automated Classical Arabic morphology teaching system it generates the Arabic conjugations with the help of algorithms, which take root words as input and then generates the conjugations on the base of algorithms.
Examination systems for Arabic learners - Examination systems for Arabic learners. Algorithm base automated Classical Arabic morphology examination system it generates the Questions according to the given patterns and then generates the Question and Answer on the base of algorithm and evaluates the user’s answer with the original answer.
Urdu Tafaseer Urdu Tafaseer.
Hadith Encyclopedia with Urdu translations - Hadith Encyclopedia with Urdu translations, Navigation by books, chapters and Hadith number, apart from string search there are different marked searches implemented in project to facilitate user in searching of Hadith.
Digitization of contents of Tanzeem Islami - Digitization of contents of Tanzeem Islami, development of tools to solve inpage to Unicode issues, development of marking software and finally web application of Urdu Unicode library for Tanzeem Islami.
Android Projects - My Android Developer Page.


QURANICA - International Journal of Quranic Research (ISSN 2289-5396 | eISSN 2590-4167) is an international trilingual (Arabic, English & Malay) peer-reviewed bi-annual journal published by Centre of Quranic Research (CQR), University of Malaya.

Corpus Linguistics 2013

22nd July, 2013
Second Workshop on Arabic Corpus Linguistics (WACL-2) Workshop in conjunction with the Corpus Linguistics 2013 conference Monday 22nd July 2013 – Lancaster University, UK. Corpus Linguistics 2013
Taibah University International Conference on Advances in Information Technology for the Holy Quran and Its Sciences Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah, Saudi Arabia 19-22 Safar(2) 1435 Hijri (22-25 December 2013) Taibah University International Conference on Advances in Information Technology
2nd International Conference on Islamic Applications in Computer Science and Technologies – IMAN2014 12-13 October 2014 Amman – Jordan
The 5th Annual International Quranic Conference 2015 (MUQADDAS V) 5 & 6 May 2015 (Tuesday & Wednesday) University of MalayaKuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA

Honors & Awards


University of Engineering and Technology

Software Competition winner Brainiac 2018